ENP Vegetable Glucosamine - Our Best Seller! For joint health and comfort.
Shellfish free, Certified Non-GMO, Kosher Certified and vegetarian.

Glucosamine and MSM contain vital nutrients for the promotion of healthy cartilage and joint lubrication to reduce discomfort. The ENP blend also contains a variety of herbs, minerals and antioxidants that support overall bone health, strong tendons and ligaments. Helps to increase range of motion and decrease discomfort.

Glucosamine is ideal for those with joint problems, seniors, athletes and all active individuals. We provide a vegetable variety for vegetarians, those who may have allergies to shellfish, or those who might prefer a plant sourced formula due to religious reasons.

We also sell our Vegetable Glucosamine in a capsule. The daily suggested dose has the same efficacy as our liquid formula! Both the liquid (1 qt) and the capsules (180 ct) provide a one month supply.
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"This product has a loyal following, I love to offer it to our community." - Tom at Abundalife