Effective Natural Products Affiliate Program

Monetize your audience

Have a following on social media or on your website or blog? Why not make a little money while recommending products that will support their overall wellness goals. Sounds like a win for everyone. 


We offer 7% commissions on all sales referred by our affiliates.

Add to that our bonus programs and you could see that number multiply with very little effort from you.

That means you can easily earn over $10 for each person who makes a purchase with your unique referral link. They don't even need to purchase right away. If you introduce someone to our site with your link, we'll pay you a commission on the sale for up to 30 days. 


You probably create a lot of your own, but if you're ever short on anything to say, you can link to our reference our content to help support your efforts to advise your friends, families and followers on wellness. 


Want to promote an offer that is exclusive for your audience? Let us know and we'll work with you to create one your followers will love. 


So what's not to lose? There's no cost to sign up and we provide creative assets you can pull from so you're fully equipped right out of the gate!