Adopt a Cat Month is Here!

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June is National Adopt a Cat Month, so what better time to bring a new furry family member into your home? 

Author: Mckenna Vaughan

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Why should you adopt a cat?

Cats are furry little companions who will bring love into your home. They are good cuddle buddies for when you need a boost of positive energy to get you through a tough day. They are proven to reduce amounts of anxiety and stress, lowering your chance of a heart attack. They are very low maintenance animals and rarely get in the way. They are independent so they will not require you to pay attention to them 24/7. They require little grooming and keep themselves very clean overall. 

Why right now is the pawfect time to adopt a furry friend

While we are stuck in our homes some of us have had little to do. This would be a perfect opportunity for you to bond with, love and train your cat! While many of us are at home trying to find something to keep us busy, others are having to deal with the weight of quarantine. Health workers are flooded with patients, the elderly are required to stay inside for the risk of obtaining the virus and many people are anxious because of the impact this is having and could have on our society. A cat is perfect for reducing the amount of stress and tension there may be in your home.

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How do I ensure I’m doing what’s best for my cat?

  • Responsible pet ownership: Being a responsible pet parent is crucial.  But having that responsibility is a way to help feel more empowered and productive - especially when confirmed to your home. In making sure you are taking care of all of your pet’s needs, are you making sure they have proper feeding, attention and play toys like a scratching post, vet visits and vaccines?
  • Food: It is important to find the right food for your pet. The food needs to address potential allergies, be to their liking and promote a strong immune system. 
  • Attention: Cats generally do not need a lot of attention but they still need to be paid attention to on occasion. A good way to play with them is a laser pointer, toys or a teaser stick. You will also need to get your cat a scratching post if you do not want them scratching up all of your furniture.
  • Vaccines: When kittens are born they need various vaccines to keep them happy and healthy. Adult cats also need these vaccines, just not as many. You will need to get them a rabies vaccine annually.
  • Health care: Like any other mammal, cats also experience joint pain - especially as they age. While they won’t often show signs of pain, they will start to move about less. You may think they are just lazy or becoming more tired as they get older but they are likely just aching from joint issues. If you haven’t by age 10, it is recommended that you put your feline friend on a joint supplement for cats to ensure longevity of joint support which will result in a more active, healthier cat.
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