Common canine skin issues - identify and resolve

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Healthy skin & coat are an indicator of general overall health. Most minor issues can be addressed with a quality multi-vitamin.
Allergen Causes of Itchy Skin:

  • Fleas – no surprise here! Those little buggers can cause passing irritation to pets & people alike, but for a dog that is allergic to flea bites, the passing irritation can become unbearable for his entire system.
  • Environment - can be airborne (dander or pollen), or via skin (straw, grass, bedding). They may be constant or seasonal. Management may require regular medication or even allergy shots to maintain comfort & keep secondary issues at bay.
  • Food – a reaction to a protein that the body perceives as a threat. The only way to diagnose a food allergy is through an elimination diet. Your veterinarian’s guidance is necessary as you try to identify the culprit.  

Sores & Hot Spots - External parasite or bug bite, a skin tear or scratch, stiches (think about the Cone of Shame), thorn or paw intrusion – these can all lead to HOT SPOTS.  Canine hot spots (acute moist dermatitis) can become quite painful. They are red, moist, irritated lesions that often grow quickly because dogs tend to lick & scratch the affected areas, further irritating the skin. 

Hair Loss - It can be challenging to accurately diagnose why a dog might be losing hair, this is an issue to take to your veterinarian. Reasons can range from a system parasite to thyroid disease. Blood tests & skin scraping are usually necessary for a proper diagnosis. 

Dull Coat - Dogs with dry skin & dull coats often improve quickly with vitamin supplementation or improved feed. Optimized levels of omega fatty acids are your dog’s friends in maintaining skin & hair moisture.

ENP's colloidal silver can be a natural and very effective way to treat canine hot spots and irritation.

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