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Joint problems?

Just like humans, pets also can suffer from joint problems.

Is your dog, cat, or horse slowing down? Do they seem less interested in the lively activities they used to love? Do they have a loss of appetite? All of these are signs that your pet might need some joint care to enhance their quality of life.

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What to watch for...

Some of the most common signs that indicate joint care is needed include:

  • Stiffness, soreness, limping, or lameness
  • Swelling and increased temperature in the joint area
  • Difficulty getting up and down
  • Reluctance to go on walks
  • Pain
  • Loss of appetite

Even before these symptoms become obvious, your pet may already be suffering from deteriorating cartilage in their joints.

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The source?

Joint issues may arise from many different sources. Inflammatory reactions, strain on the joints, degenerative joint disease, injuries, and natural aging all take a toll on your pet’s joint health.

Glucosamine can help

Glucosamine is a very common supplement, suggested by many veterinarians, that provides relief from joint aches and pains. 

It is a natural substance found within the joints that keeps them moistened, absorbs shock, and aids in forming tendons. Glucosamine helps form and repair new cartilage and tissue within the joints and has natural anti-inflammatory properties.

Taking a glucosamine supplement can provide a pet with increased mobility and motion, while also slowing the aging of the joints.

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Traditionally, glucosamine has been made from the shells of shrimp, crab, and lobster. This can be problematic as many pets have shellfish allergies.

Signs of Shellfish Allergies

Signs that your pet might be allergic to shellfish include:

  • Itchy skin, licking, and bald spots
  • Diarrhea and vomiting
  • Stomach cramping and gas
  • Skin infections and increased pigmentation
  • Digestive issues and constipation

Now, there is a shellfish-free alternative. Avoid all of these side-effects by giving your pet shellfish-free glucosamine.

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Shellfish-free glucosamine

Effective Natural Products offers shell-fish free glucosamine options for beloved dogs, cats, and horses in your life. It is derived from a plant-based source and is certified non-GMO. 

ENP’s glucosamine comes in liquid form – perfect for better digestion and absorption. It also includes turmeric – a natural ingredient with added antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Try ENP's glucosamine today to give your pets a spring in their step and a new lease on life.

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It really works!

It works great… much better than any other supplement I have used. –  Janet C.

This is an excellent product confirmed by my vet! –  Wanda S.

It’s honestly a miracle medicine in our eyes because Rocket went from not being able to even get around on his own and was panting a lot from being in pain… to being able to get around on his own and jumping up into our bed. –  L. Svendsen

For people too!

Glucosamine is not just for pets. It is a popular supplement for people suffering from joint stiffness or arthritis. It also offers joint support for athletes. 

If your joints could use some extra support this is the perfect time to give glucosamine supplements a try.

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