Feeling overwhelmed and unfocused?

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We hope you've been able to enjoy the summer and make memories along the way. We were excited to attend SuperZoo in Las Vegas. WOW! It was such a learning experience for us.

As summer comes to an end, we were excited to have our kids return to school. Our kids might not have shared that same level of excitement. Do you look forward to having school start? 

Whether you are the student, parent of students or a teacher, the next few months will provide opportunities for learning, change and hopefully growth. Does the idea of being in a classroom setting create anxiety? Do you or a family member struggle with focus or ability to concentrate? Are you worried about a new routine and having a lack of energy? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, we have one more: have you tried our liquid supplement Enhanced Focus? It is named appropriately and does just what it says. It contains L-Tyrosine that promotes an increase in motivation and concentration. Our Enhanced Focus product also contains Taurine which helps to reduce anxiety, helping to calm the brain during periods of overstimulation. 

I have used Enhanced Focus and can attest to its' claims. When we first started with ENP back in March, I was feeling overwhelmed. We had a daunting task ahead of us and I was coming back to work after taking over 11 years off to be at home with my family. I took Enhanced Focus and it helped my anxiousness, I was able to stay focused and concentrate on the things that needed my attention. 

Another product that would be great for going back to school is our Super B-Complex. It not only helps to boost energy, it also helps your body respond to stress in a less harmful manner. For me, my energy runs out in the afternoon right before my kids get home from school. I'm up early at the gym, get the kids to school, and then I am off to work myself, the afternoon lull leaves me feeling a little slow and wishing I had time for a nap. Super B-Complex is great for a boost in energy without the side effects you'd find in a caffeinated energy shot. Your body is able to absorb the liquid vitamins quickly so you feel energized, but not jittery. The effect is subtle, but enough to help through the carpool, homework, dinner and bedtime routine.

These products are great by themselves, or combine them for a dynamic duo. 
Best of luck with start of a new school year!
- Rebecca Bryant 

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