Anna regains ability to walk without wheelchair

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A Well Canine Glucosamine Plus Success Story - WARNING: have tissue nearby!

This story was submitted by Tammy Blackburn who recently purchased Well Canine Glucosamine Plus for her wheelchair bound German Shepherd. 







Anna - 5 year old German Shepherd

My name is Anna and this is my story:

I was born July 5th, 2011 along with 9 other brothers and sisters. When I was 2 weeks old, my Momma quit nursing us. She also accidentally tipped over a can of kerosene and my siblings and me laid in it for 12-18 hours before our Human found us. We were bathed and cleaned but it made us really sick. My 3 brothers didn’t survive.

When I was 4 weeks old, my human went on vacation and my sisters and me went to stay with her cousin, Tammy for a week. Tammy saw how frail and sick we were and she bottle fed us and made us special formula food and fed us each by hand.   

At the end of the week when my human returned, Tammy wanted to keep me and one of my sisters because we were the sickest. Since my human didn’t think we were going to survive, she agreed and gave us to Tammy. Tammy became my Human.

When my sister, Maggie and me were 7 weeks old, we got really really sick. Our hair fell out. We went to the Vet and they gave us all kinds of shots, special food, medicine to make us better. We didn’t think we were going to make it.

Over time we got stronger. Our hair grew back, we learned tricks and played. Our humans took us walking in the woods so we knew where our boundaries were. They taught us how to play frisbees! I was so fast, I could outrun Maggie. I would jump so high for those frisbees, I could jump right over my human’s heads.

Anna - 4 month old german shepherd puppy

Through all this, my skin was really dry and I was itchy all the time. My humans tried all kinds of foods, shampoos, lotions, ointments, oils, herbal and natural remedies to help with the itching. Some of them did for a little while but eventually, I would start the itching again. One thing that helped was when they put me on Apoquel.

When I was about 7 years old, I hurt my leg and had to get an x-ray. The Vet said my spine was fusing together. On top of that, I was getting arthritis and showing signs of hip dysplasia. I had to stop jumping after frisbees. I would still run after them, but I couldn’t jump anymore.

Anna on boat 7 years old

My human also had me tested for allergies because of all the itching. We found out I was allergic to alfalfa, wasps, ticks and green lipped mussels or shellfish.

I can only eat salmon, grain free because of the alfalfa. I can’t take just any kind of joint supplement because of my allergies.

Last year my humans took Maggie and me to a little cottage by the lake over Easter weekend. The yard was very steep and it really did a number on my hind legs. I started walking like I was drunk, dragging my knuckles, I even fell in the lake because I lost my balance. When I started to walk down the hill, my hindquarters would get in front of my head. I was really glad I had a rear harness so my humans could help me up. It was a real struggle for me to stand, much less walk.

So, guess what, off to the Vet I go again when we get home.

My humans put me on a fish oil pill everyday, 2.5 cc’s of Actiflex a day, and a shot once a week to build up my cartilage. I also took Welactin and Phycox Max joint supplements every single day. My humans bought me a wheelchair so I can still try to run like my sister does. It’s really hard for me to watch them play with her and not me. I didn’t want to feel left out. And I got depressed and sad.

Anna - German Shepherd in her wheelchair

All those supplements helped, but then every time my humans would pet me, I itched. When they finally read the ingredients to Phycox Max, it had shellfish in it! I can’t have that! Why did the Vet tell my humans to give me that?

So, my humans started looking for another supplement and read about Well Canine Glucosamine Plus! It was shellfish free! And they liked the reviews. So, they got it for me. After only a couple of weeks, my legs started to work again! I wobble around, but I can do it by myself! I don’t need that wheelchair all the time! I can even run a little bit! I am so happy! I can even squat and pee/poop and stand up by myself sometimes! I haven’t done that in months! I’m still Anna on the inside, but am starting to feel like Anna on the outside! I am not depressed or sad anymore! AND...I DON’T ITCH! 

I am so happy my humans found Well Canine! I give your product 4 Paws! Out of 4 paws!

Thank you, so much!!

Anna Belle Blackburn, Furbaby of Tammy Blackburn

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