Top 5 Wellness Resolutions for 2020

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2020 is here and with it comes a new decade and a clean slate, all ready to define who you would like to be. It is time for New Year’s resolutions and creating a healthier version of yourself.

An article in Women’s Health suggested that to make goals for 2020 that will stick - avoid thinking of yourself as deficient in any way and instead focus on what helps you feel great. Zero in on what the best version of you would be.

Need some ideas?

We rounded up some of the top trending wellness goals for 2020.

1. Eat Better

To keep this goal defined and sustainable, take small steps.

Add in something extra: Have veggies as a side for every dinner or start taking a good Multi-vitamin.

Take something away: Only drink soda as a rare treat and drink water instead or only eat dessert in small portions and only if you really want it.

Eating at home more often and packing lunches or snacks can also lead to healthier eating – while saving money as well!

2. Exercise More suggests that to be successful in your exercise goals you should choose an activity you enjoy! The activity needs to be affordable and the time commitment reasonable. Many people, who struggle to make exercise happen, find that getting an exercise buddy helps them stay committed and on track. Others add in exercise a bit at a time by taking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking farther back in the parking lot. Michele Stanten, certified fitness instructor, suggested moving your feet while on the phone. She suggests that even if you are tied to a landline you can march in place or step side to side.

3. Sleep Better 

Getting good sleep helps you mentally AND physically. It reduces stress and blood pressure while increasing good moods, energy, and memory function. To get better sleep, change some life habits. This might include limiting screen time (including the phone) before bed or removing the TV from the bedroom. According to WebMD taking melatonin can increase feelings of sleepiness and the duration of sleep while decreasing the time it takes to fall asleep. A good sleep supplement that includes melatonin can calm the nervous system and provide restorative rest. 

4. Drink More Water 

We all know our bodies need water and most of us aren’t getting enough. Set timers to remember water drinking goals, carry a refillable water bottle, or add variety into the water drinking routine with infused water. Add any combination of fruits, vegetables and herbs to water to create an infused blend. Benefits of increasing your water intake include appetite control, hydration, immune defense, heartburn prevention, blood sugar regulation and weight management.

5. Be Happier/Reduce Stress 

Most people feel large amounts of stress at least once a month and the negative effects can be lessened by practicing deep breathing, learning to say no to stressful situations, and practicing positive self-talk. Whether you are a glass-half-full person or have more of a glass-half-empty personality you can benefit from positive thinking and a reduction of stress. The Mayo Clinic reports benefits of positive thinking include a longer life, less depression, and better immune system, cardiovascular health, and coping skills. Become mindful of your negative thoughts and try to put a positive spin on them. Spend time with positive people and build up a solid support system.

As you plan New Year's resolutions and want to make health a priority (for you or your pets) - we can help! Our dietary supplements are designed to provide easy digestion and maximum health benefit.

We wish you health and happiness this year as you work to become the best version of you. Happy 2020!



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