Top 7 Tips for Maintaining Energy and Enhancing Focus

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Summer is coming to an end and back-to-school and fall have arrived. This year, the season’s demands are unique as many find themselves needing to adapt their time and schedule to meet changes made necessary by COVID-19.

Many adults have made working from home part of their daily routine. Parents and grandparents are becoming teacher’s assistants in online school at home. Many students are making the journey back to school with masks and social distancing in place. Immunity is on our minds and many also wonder how we can maintain energy and focus through all this change.

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7 Tips to increase energy and focus:

1. Limit Stress – According to an article from Harvard Medical School experiencing stress consumes lots of energy. Reduce stress by practicing mindful breathing or meditation, listening to uplifting or calming music, laughing, practicing gratitude, and making sure to make time for the people, pets, and activities you love.

2. Avoid Overwork – Take breaks. Studies have shown taking a 15-minute break every 90 minutes leads to better energy levels and productivity.  Learn to prioritize and cut back in the areas that are not critical to avoid overwhelm. Say “No” to extra responsibilities that are not in the best interest of your family’s health and happiness.

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3. Exercise – Exercise ensures sounder sleep, reduces stress, and according to studies improves energy and optimism. Experts suggest 30 minutes or more of daily exercise at a higher intensity level, but any amount of exercise provides benefits to energy and focus. Experiments conducted at California State University indicated a brisk 10-minute walk provided health benefits for up to two hours. If the walks were continued daily, energy levels and moods were increased overall.

4. Get good sleep – Good rest improves memory retention, motivation, judgment, focus, and performance. Quality sleep also provides a reduction in stress, higher levels of energy, and improved immunity. Practice good sleep habits to increase the quality of your sleep. Studies by the National Institutes of Mental Health point to a “power nap” as being a great tool to increase focus and regain energy.

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5. Practice good nutrition – Avoid sugars and refined starches that are quickly absorbed into the body. For longer-lasting energy and focus levels a Harvard Medical School article suggests foods with a low glycemic index such as whole grains, high-fiber vegetables, nuts, and healthy oils. The article also suggests the body may respond better to small meals and snacks throughout the day instead of three large meals. The body and brain will be provided with a steady stream of nutrients.

6. Drink water – If you are feeling fatigued you might need to drink more water. Dehydration affects energy levels and mood negatively while drinking water stimulates the flow of hormones and nutrients your body needs to feel happy and energized.

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7. Take supplements - Taking carefully chosen supplements can be a great way to increase energy levels and enhance focus. Here are a few products designed to do just that!

  • Liquid Curcumin - A good curcumin supplement offers many health benefits.   Many people take curcumin supplements to energize and support healthy brain function.
  • Enhanced Focus - Try enhanced focus if you are dealing with mental haze or loss of concentration, experiencing brain fog, dealing with stress, or wanting an herbal option for kids having difficulty maintaining focus.


  • Mood Boost -  This supplement was designed with natural ingredients to promote a positive mood and increased mental focus.
  • Super B-Complex -  Try Super B-Complex if you are looking to increase natural energy levels, decrease the effects of stress, and boost immunity. This mix of B-Vitamins is designed to support memory and brain function and offers many health benefits.



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